Karen and Scott Young, owners operators of Young's Antiques and Restorations

We have been active in the Antique Business for over 25 years. We pride ourselves in providing unique and quality country antique furniture and a wide range of vintage collectibles to decorate your home, cottage, log cabin, office, or wilderness camp.

We are well known for our excellent quality refinishing on every piece of pine, oak, maple or cherry furniture that we restore. Our finish is hand done, silky smooth, water resistant and easy care. It has a wonderful satin look that has been mastered with over 25 years experience. We strive to leave some wear and history in each piece adding to it's rustic country.

Our customers reward us by returning to add to their collections year after year. We have built a solid reputation based on providing vintage quality and unique pieces that we guarantee are old pieces. We are happy to point out any restoration work that has been done to bring it back to it's new life.

We are well known for converting old cedar strip canvas covered canoes and vintage wooden boats into a fabulous book or knick-knack shelf, turning old workbenches into outstanding kitchen islands / counters and bars. Using antique blacksmith shop bellows to produce a very unique coffee table, and converting old horse drawn cutters & sleighs into magnificent coffee tables. We can take an old store counter and readapt it into a fabulous bar or kitchen island / counter for the home, cottage, or chalet. There is nothing like the warm cozy feeling a wonderful old pine cupboard or table can add to a room.

We also offer a wide range of vintage wooden wares, pottery / yellow ware, along with many sporting, nautical, hunting and fishing items that are wonderful decorating tools for the cottage, rec room, or log cabin. Not only do we get airplane propellers, but sometimes some very interesting old church and century home pine windows that we convert to mirrors to decorate those walls really special. We also look for vintage whimsical folk art pieces to add a bit of colour and fun to a room.

And we have much, much more to offer....